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She looks in the windows, and wonders what it would be like to go to the door,
And come inside,
Sit on the couch,
And read a book.
She wonders what the beds would be like- soft, warm, comforting- a place of rest.
What wonders await in the kitchen? Cookies? Pie? Home-made sushi?
She wants to feel at home enough to strip her clothing, run a hot bath and soak with a cold drink at her elbow.
And to play music long and loud into the night, to watch television on the couch, and look out from the window,
And pity the poor souls who have a house but not a home.
The smiling Pembroke Welsh Corgi
Rolls in the grass
Dotted with Clover
And little bees
On a summer day
In one of the only places in this town I cherish.
Struck by how attractive she was.
Struck by how difficult speaking about their daughter's death must have been for her parents.
Struck by the notion that I do not want to put my sisters and grandparents in the position of identifying my 23 year old body at a morgue- or to carry the guilt of knowing that the bump I felt under my tires was a small child who chased her ball into the street.
Struck by the dangers of the road.


(Revised 10-16-14)

To A Girl Who Perished In an Auto Collision

A girl with lovely green eyes and curly hair warns the ruddy girl from beyond.
She warns of dainty shoes in the middle of the street.
She warns of spider-webbed windshields.
She warns of the last text.
She warns of guilt- of loved ones identifying a 23 year old body; of parents standing around a tiny coffin because someone was texting and driving.
She is there in every unbuckled seatbelt.
In every red light you run.
In every time you didn’t call a cab after a night at the bar.
She warns us, saying
“Drive safe”.
To A Girl Who Perished In An Auto Collision
All Non-Abusive Quesions and comments welcome. Auto crashes are the second leading cause of death in people 15-35 (quoted from memory but I think it's right). Please don't text someone if you know they're driving- and don't text and drive. You may get away with it a million times but it only takes one time for something awful to happen.
Y'all can throw y'all's coats on the bed in the master bedroom.
But I always order Teriyaki with the proper pronunciation.
And Eunyuk has no 'k'.
There is something odd in the way Kelly "can" - Missouri?
Even if I spoke every language perfectly everyone would still know where I am from.
My English is very good (though perhaps not perfect) but it is that specific brand of English.
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So, I am worried about one of my grades, but at the same time I am really excited for Halloween :pumpkin:  Work is beginning to go wrong too- we may have to fold. The paper isn't doing very well. So I may be job hunting again soon. 
Anyway, so far things are status quo. 
I'll include any relevant updates in next month's update. 
Have a great month! 


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